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A fantastic assortment of animals is hiding right in your own neighborhood. Discover donkeys on grilles, boars guarding stoops, and elephants supporting flagpoles. The architectural animals in Urban Animals will introduce children to the fanciful world of our built environment. Young children will enjoy the game of identifying animals, while older children and adults will pause over the quirky architectural details. This book includes a glossary of terms with simple, clear definitions that will empower children with new words and phrases about architecture.


How Urban Animals Began

I was inspired to write Urban Animals by my daughter, Anna, who has always really loved animals, especially dogs. Working as an architectural historian and urban planner, I encourage Anna to look up at details on buildings. One day Anna and I were doing our usual “looking up,” and she said, “Mommy, look! There’s a dog on that building!” Sure enough, a dog was gazing at us from above. I never would have noticed that architectural detail if my animal-loving daughter had not been there with me. So the idea began, and Anna and I in our walks discovered many, many urban animals that we wanted to share with you. Looking at them helps us appreciate architecture and learn more about our neighborhoods. Invite a friend, parent, grandparent, or child on an animal adventure in your own neighborhood. You might be surprised what you find.


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