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Being in the classroom and walking with kids around the neighborhood around their school are favorite things to do! I have shared my books with children from kindergarten students to 5th graders and am available for school visits, neighborhood tours, library programs, workshops, and book fairs. I love teaching children about architecture and do it in a very interactive way, tailoring my programs to the age of the children and neighborhood where the school is located.

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It can be as simple as a visit where I read one or two of my books and talk about my work or we can do something more involved where I introduce the books, talk about my love of architecture, and view a PowerPoint of details of buildings within a one block radius of a school. We then can follow up with a walk around the streets near the school to identify architectural details and observe the buildings around us. An art project relating to what we have seen can be a great “book end” to the neighborhood study.


Please contact me to talk about the infinite possibilities for me to share my enthusiasm and love of neighborhoods!

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