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Explore the past and learn how to read a building! There’s a wonderful story to discover about every building in Building Stories—a rich collection of photographs and facts, all told in rhyming verse to delight young readers. Captivating and curious photographs of a pencil, musical instruments, a nurse, and a big wheel with wings will engage children to want to learn more about the characters, plots and settings of these amazing buildings and will pique their interest to investigate the history of the buildings all around them.

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Brooklyn Author Debuts Second Book on NYC Architecture

“While Urban Animals teaches kids basic architectural terms by highlighting quirky details on city buildings, Building Stories presents the analogy that buildings are like books: they each have a story to tell.”
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Beloved Children’s Author Gives Advice to Parents of Budding Architects

NBM Online: What advice do you have for the young readers who enjoy your books?

Isabel Hill: I am so excited about these books and want them to be the catalyst for walking around one’s own neighborhood and observing all the interesting architecture that surrounds us. My advice would be to go out, walk the streets, take the books as your guides, but find your own architectural treasures. Photograph them, draw them, write about them, and share what you find with other children and adults.
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