Brooklyn Matters

About Brooklyn Matters

Brooklyn Matters is a riveting look at how big real estate, politics, community voices, and the desperate need for affordable housing clash in one of the biggest developments to hit New York City. The film poses vital questions that are relevant to cities across the country: What is the proper use of eminent domain? What role does environmental and economic justice play in government-sponsored projects? Who represents the community? Should taxpayer money go to acquire private property for a sports arena? Does the public have a right to know about the use of public finances in large-scale real estate projects? The film’s exploration of the risks that come with a concentration of power is important to anyone concerned with who has a voice and who has a vote in the future of our cities. For more information about this film, please visit


To purchase a copy of Brooklyn Matters for educational use (DVD or streaming), please visit New Day Films. Brooklyn Matters is also available on the Kanopy streaming platform.